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The Steins;Gate 0 Visual Novel Game is Getting an Anime Adaptation!

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Steins;Gate 0 is a visual novel, developed by 5pb and Nitroplus; the game is a sequel to the original Steins;Gate anime series. Released on the PS4, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox One, and PC on the 10th December, 2015 and was met with overwhelming praise from fans of the visual novel style of games.

As with any visual novel, one of the most important aspects of the game is going to be the story and Steins;Gate 0 definitely goes to show how good of a job the developers and the writers did on this one in terms of the plot and storyline. Check out the video below for the Steins;Gate 0 game’s trailer!

This time around, the story focuses on 3 different characters and their perspectives in the story. These characters are Okabe Rintaro, the main protagonist from the previous Steins;Gate titles; Maho Hiyajo, a neuroscientist; and Suzuha Amane, a time traveler. Each of these 3 characters has a different impact on the story in their own ways, but as the story develops you’ll come to learn more about them and their unique traits.

When it comes to the gist of the story, I will need to pre-warn anyone who has played the first Steins;Gate but hasn’t played the sequel yet or has the intention of starting the series at some point, as the sequel definitely touches on the first one a lot and as such creates a myriad of spoilers for people who haven’t played the first one just yet.

The game takes place just after the events of the first game, except this time around the story is set in the Beta worldline, rather than the Alpha one. By the end of the first game, the female protagonist Makise Kurisu has been killed and from here on out the events take place after Kurisu’s death. Since then, the game picks off with Okabe, a man who is now distraught, broken, and depressed after failing to prevent Kurisu’s death and refuses to travel back in time any longer to try and save Kurisu and prevent World War 3, as he simply can’t bring himself to potentially witness her death once again.

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Even with encouragement from other members of the cast, Okabe has no intentions to travel in time ever again, but when he starts to uncontrollably switch between wordlines once again, Okabe is thrust into the world of time travel once more!

How the story develops and changes from there onwards is through a system of phone calls. At certain points in the story the character that you’re following will receive a phone call and depending on whether you answer it or not, the story will branch off in a different direction to result in a completely different ending and with just how many endings there are, there’s plenty of replay value in the Steins;Gate 0 game.

True to the Steins;Gate style, Steins;Gate 0 is aesthetically beautiful and stunning, though with more of an emphasis on darker, somber colors to lower the tone of the game. Regardless, the story is really the hook for this game. This dark and twisted, sci-fi, time travelling visual novel is easily the best part and it only gets improved tenfold because of the multitude of endings available to the player.

As far as visual novels go, Steins;Gate 0 is one of the best out there to date and any fans of either the anime or the visual novel genre would love to add this to their collection. If that’s you, go grab it now!

Steins;Gate 0 for PlayStation 4

steins gate 0 anime visual novel game for playstation 4

Steins;Gate 0 for PlayStation Vita

steins gate 0 anime visual novel game for playstation vita

Steins;Gate Anime Series Announced!

Those of you who’ve been interested in the Steins;Gate series for some time now will be more than pleased to hear about the brand new Steins;Gate 0 anime that is set to be released in the West, sometime between 2018 and 2019.

Similar to how the games are, the anime will be following the main character of Okabe shortly after his first failed attempt to save Kurisu and his refusal to even consider going back in time to attempt to save her once again. Horrified and tormented by flashbacks of that tragic event and some of the incidents of the Alpha worldlines. With his fellow laboratory members worried about him, they set him up with treatment at a mental health clinic to help him cope with the grief this man is now struck with.

To refrain from any spoilers I won’t delve any deeper into the story, but the way the new anime is looking it is set to be an amazing watch due to how well the Steins;Gate writing has been up to this point.

As of right now, there is a teaser trailer available to anyone online to watch as they please and it gives you the chance to wrap up on some of the events from the first Steins;Gate, whilst giving you a quick sneak peek into what to expect from the anime when it’s finally released fully to the West; something I’m sure many people including myself are bound to look forward to!

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