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One-Punch Man Season 2 Coming!

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Our favorite hobby hero Caped Baldy, Saitama is back! Recent news has confirmed that the One-Punch Man anime will be making a return. Season 2 is under production as we speak, though the release date has not yet been decided on.

ONE’s One-Punch Man web manga made a splash when it initially came out in February 2014 as a digital manga release. Then when the anime adaptation of the manga aired in December 2015, the internet just about lost their shit over the insane fight animations and Saitama’s hilarious LOL face. For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, here it is:

saitama one-punch man season 2

The manga has been making some pretty big strides as well in terms of the story development. We got to see Suiryu, one of the strongest humans that have been introduced other than Saitama as far as physical power goes, in action up against the man himself. While it was a sobering experience for him to say the least, it’s definitely awesome to see new characters pop up that are pretty strong in their own right. Check out this scene from their fight, pretty badass if you ask me!

one punch man saitama vs suiyu

Although I don’t expect the second season to come out anytime soon as each episode takes so much time and resources to animate, I am still pretty damn hyped for the return of the One-Punch Man anime series. For all of you fervent fans out there, stick around for more One-Punch Man related news in the near future!

one punch man anime season 2

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