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Ghost in the Shell Movie: Not Even Close, Hollywood

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After the first line, I kid you not, the FIRST LINE of the entire movie, I immediately knew that the rest of the film was going to be garbage. This is not even including the fact that the directors did not stay true to the original Ghost in the Shell story and premise. Even by Hollywood standards, the movie was barely watchable AT BEST.

Going into the live-action movie adaptation of the Ghost in the Shell anime, I didn’t have much if any expectations for the film. I mean, when was the last time you watched a live-action adaptation that was as good, not to mention better than the original anime version? Who knows, there might be one or two out there but from what I’ve seen, that kind of thing happens maybe once every blue moon.

I did have the pleasure of watching the first 5 minutes of the video that was released a week ago in preparation for the movie’s premiere, which you can watch below. At the time, I thought the aesthetics, design and graphics were all incredibly stunning so naturally, I dared to hope that Ghost in the Shell’s live-action version would be somewhat decent. Boy, was I wrong.

Every actor in Ghost in the Shell with the exception of Pilou Asbæk playing the character Batou looked as if they only had a week to rehearse so every one of their line deliveries was completely unnatural and robotic. Scarlett Johansson’s depiction of Major Kusanagi Motoko was atrocious. Rather than the powerful, imposing presence that the original Major commands, Johansson’s character was something out of a high school drama in that she looked like she was playing the role of a hipster teenager trying too hard to be edgy.

My verdict? Save yourself the time and money and avoid this sorry excuse of a live-action adaptation. I’d like my ten bucks back, please.

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