steins gate time travel anime

Steins;Gate is the Ultimate Time Travel Anime

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Steins;Gate is one of the best psychological thrillers not only in the last few years, but in my opinion, of all time. A time travel anime created by White Fox and set in the summer of 2010, it centers around Okabe Rintaro, a mad scientist who runs a laboratory called …

5 Reasons Why Dragon Ball Super is Not as Good as DBZ

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Fans of the original Dragon Ball Z series are undoubtedly excited by the introduction of the new “Dragon Ball Super” series, which supposedly takes place in between Dragon Ball Z and the long-forgotten “Dragon Ball GT” series set on future events. But as one of the avid fans of the …

berserk anime review 2017 season recap

Berserk Anime 2017 Season Recap: Missed Potential

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Berserk is a long-standing manga series dating all the way back to 1997, with the anime series first released in 2012. Based on the journeys of a wandering swordsman, Guts, in a fictional medieval-type era, it is often overlooked by younger, more causal anime viewers due to its excessively violent …

final fantasy xiv expansion stormblood launch trailer

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Gets Launch Trailer

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion, Stormblood is coming and it looks absolutely phenomenal! You can probably sense my excitement from a mile away. With the addition of new jobs such as Red Mage (RDM) and Samurai (SAM), and a new …